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Keel Ottivakkam is a village in Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state of India. It has about 2000 inhabitants, most of them low caste and poor. Since the mid-seventies, the Dutch foundation Indi-Ja has had a bond of friendship with Keel Ottivakkam. Indi-Ja is a small private organisation which was founded in 1977 in order to provide effective and efficient assistance to the local Indian population.

One of the main achievements in the early years of cooperation was the joint establishment of the village association, the Keel Ottivakkam Grama Sangam (KOGS). Through this association the inhabitants of Keel Ottivakkam were given the opportunity to participate in village issues and development.

At the beginning of the eighties, a number of field workers from the Netherlands lived in the village. Their main task was to (morally) support the local population and the village board. The philosophy behind all projects is based on self-help and self-development by using local resources and knowledge.

In the second half of the eighties the KOGS objectives were broadened to include the 110 surrounding villages of Keel Ottivakkam. Attention was focused on disabled children from these villages in providing shelter, education, food and basic health care.


In 2006 a new centre was founded in Vallam, a village near Chengalpattu at 30 kilometres from Keel Ottivakkam. This Multi Purpose Community Centre had to be newly built and at first was meant to provide shelter for mentally or multiply handicapped children and to offer livelihood assistance programs for tsunami victims. By now, several other projects have been launched, such as medical care for the poor, physiotherapy for children, support groups for women, education and information programs etc.

Urgent: : At the moment there is a long waiting list of poor women and disabled children as well as adults in desperate need of support by the MPCC. Especially for children with (serious) health problems timely intervention is of vital importance.

To continue the good work a stable financial situation is necessary. On a national and international basis enormous efforts are made to obtain donations. This website mainly focuses on MPCC projects in Vallam, but also provides further information.




For the mentally and/or physically disabled children MPCC provides daycare programmes. In the morning the organisation's bus driver picks them up, in the evening he drops them off again. In between they are educated and given special care, like physiotherapy. Their mothers too ...More

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In many countries and cultures all over the world women or girls and men do not have equal rights and economic opportunities. This is no different in large parts of India, especially the rural areas, where women play a minor role in society and, often from poor families, suffer from ...More

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We are glad with all the help we can get.
You are free to donate whatever you like, but of course we are more than happy with a regular amount of money each month.

Are you working in a medical centre as a doctor, nurse or ...More

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